20th Century Boys


Title: 20th Century Boys
Author: Naoki Urasawa
(Books, Manga)


When a group of elementary school kids, led by Kenji, the happy go lucky boy, wrote up their kids’ imagination to a book of prophecy , they had no idea that their imagination would come true after more than 20 years later. The worse, the book of prophecy was all about the end of the mankind.

At the same time, a figure of “FRIEND” came out and became a “friend” to everyone. But somehow, this person has a hidden agenda only Kenji and his friends could sense. When “FRIEND” started to make the book of prophecy came true, it’s no longer about finding out who “FRIEND” was, but also to stop him from destroying mankind.

My Review:

I always like Naoki Urasawa’s mangas, but this one is my favorite. Hey, I am not a manga-lovers. I’d still prefer novels than manga, but this one stole a place in my heart and mind.

Urasawa’s manga always special for me since it isn’t like the other manga which always have pretty faces all around. Every characters have their own special features, so it is easy for me to understand how the story flows though it has lots of characters and twisted storyline.


The storyline is amazing. How could a manga with 249 chapters and 19 extra chapters could hold you for days just to read it without ever feel bored? Without exaggerating on love stories, or sex, or violence. It is pure psychological stories with twists and surprises, and it seems that everything is connected since the beginning.

I wonder how he made it. And I rate this 10/10.


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