Title: Caramel
Director: Nadine Labaki
(Movie, Drama)


In Beirut, a beauty shop became a safe haven for women in any ages to run away from their life problems. Three friends run the shop, two elderly women on the tailor shop and one desperately trying to be forever young.

One who has to deal with her secret relationship with a married woman. Another who has to give up the chance for love for a sister. Each of the characters has their own way to get to what actually means for them.


You’ll find more than one plot in the storyline, each for every characters with their own stories. I like them, though to be honest, it’s not that I like all of them. Some I found really exciting but some others I found extremelly weird and boring.

I love the setting of the movie. I’ve never been to Beirut, and I think it was interesting. Or at least, the place where the movie shoot was taken was really interesting.

I can’t say that this movie was the coolest movie I’ve ever watched but definitely it is something different. Apart from my personal interest in women’s issue and cultural approach in the movie, I could say that bringing up the beauty salon was a really good idea.

Though, this movie reminded me of Queen Latifah’s Beauty Shop, these two movies are from different genres. You can sense the thick drama in this and still find it sweet. If you like movies about women, I think this one should be on your list.

I rate this movie 7/10


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