Astro Boy


Title: Astro Boy


After the death of her son, Toby, dr. Tenma the Chief Secretary of Science Department decided to make a robot as the replica of him. He used the special energy source to bring it alive, but a wicked leader of Metro City wanted the energy source to be used for military weapon.

Toby ran away to the Surface and made friends with kids there but it didn’t last long because his identity as a robot discovered, and he was captured and brought to Metro City.


Based on Japanese manga with the same title, written by a famous cartoonist Osamu Tezuka, Astro Boy came in 3D.

Overall, the movie was quite entertaining, and the 3D was cute. I found nothing really special if it should be compared to the original series. But though it is not quite the same with the story in the original manga, this is worth to watch.

The storyline was plain, maybe because it was made for young audiences. I watched it on DVD, I wonder how the 3D movie would look like.

Would I recommend this movie to anyone. Well, I would give it to kids, but I won’t try to convince the adults that this is a sci-fi movie they should watch.


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