Everybody’s Fine


Title: Everybody’s Fine
Starring: Robert DeNiro, Drew Barrymore, Kate Beckinsale
(Movie, drama)


After the death of his wife, Frank Goode, a father of four started to feel distant to his children. One weekend, suddenly all of them cancelled their visit, and Frank thought it would be nice if he came to them instead. So he decided to take the journey across country just to meet his sons and daughter one by one.

Started from David the artist, Amy the successful advertising agency director, Robert who plays in the orchestra and end his journey with Rosie who lives in Vegas. Frank found that there’s so many thing he doesn’t know about his children.


Everybody’s Fine is a heartwarming movie about a family. The storyline wasn’t twisted and clear enough to see from the beginning that it would be a sad story. But the brilliant performance of Robert
DeNiro kept me on watching this movie until the end.

The plot itself is light and simple, a little surprise as the climax is worth the wait. The dialogue remind me of my own father and how each characters were assigned remind me of my own family. I am pretty sure some people who are sensitive to family drama would probably cry while watching this movie.

My favorite scene was when the father came back to get David’s painting which really touched my heart. I really think this movie is good to be watched together in Father’s day or dad’s birthday.

I rate this movie 9/10.


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  1. Aku sukaaaa film iniii πŸ˜€ Sudah lama gak nonton film sesimpel dan sebagus ini πŸ˜€