An Education


Title: An Education
(Movie, Drama)


A young, smart and beautiful 16 years old girl thought she found the life she’s been looking for. For all the time she was just a girl whose life was controlled by a father who decided how life should be. The boring life instantly changed when she met an older man, who introduced her to the lively life.

After her 17th birthday, she was proposed for a marriage, and faced to the choice of a lifetime.


This is one of the best movie I have watched in 2010. The plot was unusual and that made this movie really interesting to watch.

The plot seemed flat, but that was because I didn’t realize that there was a twist. The ending was unexpected. Well, of course, that was the ending I wanted but I didn’t expect how the story brought all the characters to the ending. And it was beautifully written, I believe, by a very talented scriptwriter.

I love the characters. What I like the most from this movie is that there’s no “perfect character” in the story. Each character filled the place just right and well played by the actors. I didn’t really know the actors were, but I’m sure they’d be big one day.

I really like this movie. The story was really meaningful and full of moral lesson, and I always thought this should be a movie an educator should play for their high school girls.


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