Title: Teraphy
Author: Sebastian Fitzek
(Book, psychology, non-fiction)

Viktor, a famous psychiatrist lost his daughter, Josy when he brought her to a clinic. The weirdest thing is, she disappeared without a trace, as if no one had ever seen her. No evidence led to where she’d gone, and no one witnessed the incident.

Then Viktor went to a small island to get a vacation, and he met a young woman named Anna. Anna said something which was related to the disappearance of Josy. No matter how dangerous the woman could be, he had to follow what she wanted so he could find a clue of his daughter well being.


This book had received many compliments from a lot of reviewer, or at least that what was the publisher claimed on the book cover. Not only that it was claimed as the most unexpected plot, but also was claimed that the plot was better than Dan Brown’s. And that was the reason why I picked this from the other.

But after I read the book, I don’t think that it can be compared to Dan Brown’s. If Dan Brown use the historical approach, Fitzek use psychological approach in writing the story.

The plot is tricky, and the tense is endless until the end. I almost had no time to take a breath while reading the novel. No wonder some people compare this to Dan Brown’s, which was also a mystery novel with a twisted story line.

The only thing, for me, is that this novel, unfortunately has a slow story telling style. Well, not in every part of it but, in some part which was slow, it made me impatient. But the best is, in every chapter, I always got surprises. I love surprises.

I recommended this book to psychological-mystery lover. And I rate this 8 out of 10.


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