Perahu Kertas


Title: Perahu Kertas
Author: Dee


Kugy is a high spirited and strong willed girl who knows what she wants. She wanted to be a storyteller. But who wants to listen to a tale when people grows old? No one but Keenan.

Keenan lives in a less wordy world. He’s a great painter, who suffers from a really great pressure from his family. No one actually understand why he leaves everything behind for a dream of being a painter but Kugy.

Is that mean they’re made for each other as a lover? Or they’re just friends like what they always say? Things become more complicated between them and their dream once they’re in touch with the real world.


Dee Lestari is one of the best Indonesian writer. I have read her “Supernova” trilogy and followed her twitter, and somehow I found this book is more like her than her previous work. “Perahu Kertas” suits her easy going, and fun personality, not only from the plot but also from the writing style.

Although the idea was quite simple, and we can guess what is it on the last page of the book, but still it has strong plot. But the plot wasn’t the strength of this novel, but the way Dee characterize these two persons Kugy and Keenan. Trust me you’ll just fall in love with these characters the first time you know them. Fortunately Dee isn’t a writer who made up a “Godly” character who has no flaws. The imperfection of Kugy and Keenan was the key of getting them to the reader’s heart, actually.

Well, in a glance this is just a simple young adult love story, and to be honest there’s nothing new in love stories like this. What makes me love this book is the way Dee wrote every details which compensate the lack of conflicts on the story.

I rate this book 9 out of 10. A must read book especially for a teenlit-chicklit reader. Well, this is a chicklit with a bit variation I guess.


4 responses

  1. buku ini kayaknya bagusan dibikin serial daripada dibikin film, kalo film kan terbatas sama durasi, sementara di cerita ini banyak adegan yang sayang kalo dibuang 😀


    • Serial…? *bergidik ngeri membayangkan film ini dijadikan shitnetron*
      Film aja dipanjangin atau dibikin trilogi…

      Kecuali Dee bersumpah setia tidak akan membiarkan naskah Perahu Kertas jatuh ke tangan orang-orang yang tidak bertanggung jawab…


    • Setuju banget… Hehehe. Dee emang salah satu penulis hebat yang gwe tahu. Lo baca novel dia sebelumnya juga ya?