The Road


Title: The Road
Casts: Viggo Mortensen, Charlize Theron


When the universe is dying, it is hard to stay sane. Food is rare, no animals alive, and the trees are going dry. It is almost impossible to find clean water to drink, and a safe place to live. It is the end of humanity, when some people decided to eat their kind.

A father, took his son on a journey to the south, to get to a warmer place to survive another merciless winter. On the journey, they met many dangers and not only have to fight the nature and the bad guys along the way, they have to most of the time fight themselves.


The story itself reminds me to “The Book of Eli”. I don’t know which one released first, but when I watched this movie I was kind of thinking that one of this movie must have adapted (or followed) the other one, since there are too many similarities.

There are some holes in the plot, which for me could be essential in building the story. Too many unnecessary characters, and too little surprises. But I like the way the story deliver the moral messages about giving the best shot to stay on the right path.

I don’t know how the make up artists made it but it was nice. And I was kind of shocked when I saw both main characters were so thin. Well, of course it was because in the story they were starving, but I felt disturbed to see how thin the little boy was.

In many movies, the actors took a serious and sometimes dangerous diet program to make them as thin as they could be to be all out in a movie. But don’t you think it is too much to ask a young boy who is still growing up to do the same thing?

This movie is definitely not for young audiences. Apart from the disturbing skinny scenes, there are lots of blood and dead body, and also nudity. Well, yeah, Viggo Mortensen was naked in this movie, though it wasn’t a part of sex scenes.

The ending wasn’t what I thought it would be. Some might consider it as a twisted ending, but for me that was just a lack of imagination. Unexpectedly disappointing.

I rated this movie about 6 or 7 out of 10. The story could be better, and it could win more awards. Of course 🙂


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