Fantastic Cosmetic


Title: Fantastic Cosmetic

Writer/Illustrator: Kim Mi-Kyung

Language: Indonesian Bahasa

Publisher: Elex Media Computindo



The book is actually contains the basic beauty tutorial, for girl and boy. Yes, you read that just right, in the second part of the book, the author made a section for boy’s beauty tutorial. But, the interesting part is, that this book is not only a tutorial with helpful pictures, but it is actually a comic book with cute characters.

The main female character is based on the writer herself, and it was described that every section had been made from the writer’s personal experience. And what I like most about the book, besides the easy steps to follow, is that the author has made a bold statement from the beginning that no matter how expensive your cosmetics are, and how a great make up artist you are, it won’t looked good on a troubled skin.

In the beginning of the tutorial, you will be told about what kind of lifestyle you have to maintain to own a good and healthy skin and hair. You would be told about what kind of food you have to eat, or the proper way to wash your face and hair. You would get the basic knowledge that maintaining a good health would influence your beauty.

After the basic health-beauty contents, you would be introduced to various skin care products. In this section, not only you would know what kind of products would be necessary for you, you would also be taught how to know your own skin type. I found this very helpful because I would know what kind of skin care product to buy so I won’t waste my money to buy things I don’t need.

Next is a make up tutorial. I was very different from what I saw in youtube. You won’t be given the advanced-skilled make up tutorial, but you would be given the basic only. With the tutorial, you should be able to know your own face, so you can get the best look. The tutorial was quite comprehensive in my opinion, but since it was too basic, you would need to watch some youtube video if you want to get more variations.

If your’re a boy, the next section would be your favorite. I didn’t read it seriously, but all I know in this section you would get some tutorial about how to shave, and how to dress up. I know that in Indonesia there are very few guys wearing skin care, but if you’re a skin care user, this book is a must have :D.


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