Manjali & Cakrabirawa


Title: Manjali & Cakrabirawa

Author: Ayu Utami

Language: Indonesia

Publisher: Gramedia Pustaka Utama



Manjali & Cakrabirawa is the second book of the Bilangan Fu series.

Yuda went for a cliff climbing training session for the military, therefore he left his girlfriend Marja with his bestfriend Parang Jati. He didn’t know that meanwhile, there was a love triangle happened between the three bestfriends, but that wasn’t his biggest problem at that moment.

Marja, spent few days with the angelic eyed Parang Jati felt something she never felt before. She didn’t know that Parang Jati actually felt the same, even they have one same thing kept them away from each other, their love to Yuda. Both Marja and Parang Jati went to an excavation area of the ancient temple and they soon learned the mystery of Manjali and Cakrabirawa.



Manjali & Cakrabirawa feels like the softer side of the Bilangan Fu series. Not only because the story was told from Marja’s side, but it was also lighter in the plot. It wasn’t written like journal like bilangan Fu, instead it was flowing and if you like more romance, you will be satisfied here. For me, personally, Manjali & Cakrabirawa is the anticlimax for Bilangan Fu, but for some people it might be different because the story was so different and it has no relation from the Bilangan Fu’s plot.

Even the characters were no longer described as detail as they are in the Bilangan Fu, it had more historical and myths stories in it. Sometimes even they mixed up so well you don’t know which was one. I think it is wise that the author write this as the second book because after the deep philosophic thinking with Bilangan Fu, Manjali & Cakrabirawa was so much entertaining. I even found myself smiling once or twice reading this book.

I really don’t want to choose between these two series, because they are really different, but if I had to choose I’d say I like Bilangan Fu better. But still, I love the book and would recommend it if anyone ever asked if it’s worth every penny.


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