Wordpress Application for Android


Several months ago I posted a review about WordPress application for BlackBerry. Now, since I am using android phone, it’s only fair if I also post a review about the application for Android phone. So, to make it authentic, I assure you that I write this entry using my Sony Experia X8.

The layout is so much better than the Blackberry Apps. It definitely looks better with cleaner and lighter interface. From how it displayed it should be user friendlier than the same apps for blackberry. The text editor is so convenient with helpful buttons under the editor box. The other feature that I like so much is that you can schedule your entry very easily, unlike the bb apps which require you to set it from a quite hidden option.

I believe my only problem is not from the apps itself, but it was because I haven’t been used to the touch screen qwerty keyboard which is too small for my fat thumbs.

If i have a more conventional and comfortable keypad posting with this apps would be very helpful for my blogging activity. I believe if you are a blogger who use phone a lot to blog this apps would help you too. I recommend this apps especially for the photobloggers. Media editor is very easy to be operated.

Happy blogging everybody


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