Few months ago, one of my friend asked me when I would get married. Just like one popular TVC in Indonesia, I answered him,


And just like what I expected, he tried to convinced himself by adding. “May this year?”, just so that I can replied him with such an annoying retort, “Maybe yes. Maybe not.”

Welcome to May.

For me, May is the month of the possibilities. I can always answer “May” for “maybe yes. maybe not” if anyone asked me about any kind of possibilities (and impossibilities as well). And, related to this blog, May is the month of changing.

Last year, also on May, I brought up a possibilities that I would change my writing style into a more formal one. I changed the “gwe” into “saya” the following months. This month, I was thinking of slowly changing the Indonesian blog into the more global minded blog by using the international language.

I used English to post some entries and reviews in this blog, but will I change the entire blog and start writing in English? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe I would just start another blog, which raise the risk of neglecting the other blog, or maybe I would just post in two languages in this blog if not change the language entirely. Until now, it’s just a thought although my IELTS test score gave me some euphoria of writing in broken English.

Of course, just like when I decided to change the writing style in this blog last year, I also have my reasons why I was thinking of changing language. First of all, since I am no longer active in international forums, I am no longer writing in English actively, and I felt my English writing skill is getting worse. I thought writing in a blog would help me a lot. Second, writing in English will actually help my blog rank, although it’s not that important anymore since many Indonesian blogs lately got high rank as long as they know how to promote.

Once again, it’s just a thought.


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