Everybody Needs a Punch In the Face


Dedicated to the old good fellow

When you were younger, your parents spanked you in behind to remind you what you did wrong. But when you’re older, and spanking started to be considered as domestic violence, you’re no longer listening to your parents as much as you did when you’re young. You’re lucky if you have at least one friend to always remind you when you’re misbehaving, sometimes by punching you right in the face… figuratively.

Sometimes, when you’re living in a world of your own, building your own realm, you forgot about reality. I am lucky that I still have friends who always try to bring me back stepping ground before I forgot how. I needed a punch in the face, and I got that last night.

If you heard what he said to me today, you might think my friend wanted me to be who I was, you’re wrong. No one wanted me to step back and become the old Bybyq. But the thing is, who I am now is not the better version of who I was then, and somehow I agreed with him. It’s to arrogant even for me to be defensive and finding excuses.

I did what I did, and I needed a kick in the head to wake me up. Maybe I need it even harder to motivate me to change into a better person. I think I should thank anyone who have seen me and talk to me lately because they remind me of who I was, and how good I am supposed to be.

Please don’t worry, and please don’t hesitate to shake me up because everyobdy needs a punch in the face. Well, I admit that some hard punch can knock people out but, hey… what doesn’t kill you makes you traumatize stronger, doesn’t it?



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