Have You Seen Me Naked?


Well, I am so sorry to disappoint you but you’re not gonna see me literally naked. Seriously… this is a blog not a porn site even if you wish it is…

Come on… If you haven’t got rid of your obscene imagination out your mind, I can’t start talking about anything right now. Are we good now? Yes? So let’s move on…

Referring to the previous entry the other day, I was thinking of how much I have opened myself to my friends. How many of them know me that well, and how many of them I know as well as they know me?

I started to realize that lately I barely knew anyone. I mean, I know who they are but I never knew what they really are. It’s a shame since I knew them for a very long time. I started to understand where I was standing and how far it was from where they were, and I wondered how I became that far.

I always thought that letting myself open is giving a chance to anyone to see the fragile side of me, and I encourage people not to do that. I did okay with that until yesterday I knew that not only making me safe, closing myself up kept everyone away as well. That’s funny because I used to be the wise (wo)man who thought about it and told people how to deal with it. Even doctors can’t cure themselves!

So, fixing up a broken friendship means cleaning up a messy friendshits. I can try but it means I have to be brave an open myself a little bit. Maybe, not by letting them see me literally naked, but at least they know what kind of person they’re dealing with.


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