Birthweek: The Beginning


I believe I have told you before in the previous entry that suddenly I started to think a lot about my birthday here in Norwich. Not that I wanted to make a festive birthday celebration, but I was thinking of being kind to myself because of what I have been doing so far. I really needed to appreciate myself. A lot.

So, when I heard that Coldplay was going to have a small gig in my campus, I decided that the gig was going to be a birthday gift from me for myself. But, unfortunately, in that fateful morning, I couldn’t get the ticket. Like what I said before, it was a small gig, so there were only few could get the ticket, and according to the rumors, the ticket sold out only in several hours.

Lots of student who queued got really angry, because there were many outsider came and bought the ticket. But that wasn’t what made me angry… it was because I couldn’t even give myself something good for my own birthday. I started to feel sorry for myself, and drowned to the most pitiful state, which I didn’t need to do. Little did I know it was the beginning of all troubles for the next days.

First of all, I really got drunk. And, there were so few I could remember about what happened that night. I am pretty sure I did something stupid, I don’t need to explain here in the public area, but you know how stupid anyone when they got really drunk. And, when I am thinking about it now… I feel so silly that I have done that, because it was not supposed to be like that.

And then, I lost my glasses. That was the second hit, because I really love that glasses. No, I don’t have any emotional attachment to that glasses, but it was my favorite glasses, and it was the cheapest glasses I have ever bought. So it meant a lot to me. But I couldn’t find it anywhere in one morning… Like what I have said, I just couldn’t remember anything. Even until now.

Desperation struck me, and I lost my mood to celebrate my birthday. I didn’t talk about to anyone. I just wanted to sleep my birthday away… But this is still the beginning…


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