Birthweek: Drumroll!


I just knew that I got the wrong date for the Coldplay concert few days before my birthday. It didn’t make me feel better, because I knew I could have done something if I had known that. It even made me feel worse…

Mr. Atheist had tried his best to be a good companion, but I was such in a bitchy state, it was like nothing in this world could make me happy. I started to mess up. I mess my friendship with one old friend, Miiya ( I am going to make an entry about her later after the Birthweek entries has done). I messed up with new friends here. I even messed up in my classes! I became a person I never wanted to be.

The only thing that can keep me happy at that moment was drinking and eating. So I stopped posting (the only thing that keeps me sane all this time), and focused on cooking (and of course alcohol). I actually wonder what my blog would look like if I kept posting while I was drunk >_<


I started to lose my focus. And, losing your focus is definitely a bad thing, because you don’t know what could happen in one day. I didn’t know what was going to happen until the day before my birthday. A stressful morning when I lost my phone….

Yes, I lost my phone one day before my birthday. It means no one could ever congratulate me, saying happy birthday to me via Blackberry Messenger, because I lost that phone. I means I have lost all my important contacts. I means… lots  of things.

Denise tried to comfort me, by playing cheerful songs for me while I was listening to her music practicing. It was quite helpful though, but I was still feel really bad about everything…

My parents wanted me to get one Blackberry, so I went to the city, to some stores, so I can choose what I was going to buy… But then again… You never knew what’s going to happen… My decision to go to the city center that time, leads me to the 24 hours which changed my life forever….


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