Birthweek: 24



I went to the city center, to some phone stores to know what offers they had for me. I went to T-Mobile and asked the salesperson about the contract they can give me. It was not so cheap so I decided to wait and gave myself some time to think before doing anything impulsively. I also went to several other stores, like 3, and orange… The main goal is, to get one blackberry phone which worth every penny.

I decided to go to Tesco, to grab something that I can use to make my birthday noodles the next day when Denise come and cook at my place. I dragged my feet lazily, but that’s the only thing I can do, because to be honest, I really didn’t want to go home. But I found chili pepper in this store.

I have tried many places to get chili pepper, but never been able to find it, and that day, I just found one! Suddenly I felt better…


I called home, because I promised my parents that I would call them at 00.00, WIB. That was the first time I called someone in my birthday, it’s usually someone else called me. I felt better already because of the chili pepper, so I can talk to my dad about my lost phone. Which was actually not that hard to do.

I have a previous assumption that my dad will be all hassle about my phone, and it would make me even more drowned into desperation. But he only told me not to worry about anything and be happy for my birthday. I decided to agree with him.


I chatted with few friends and also Mr. Nottingham. He told me something really nice which I surely will remember for my life. It was a Chinese proverb: “jiu de bu qu, xin de bu lai”, which means: “If the old one didn’t go, the new one would never come”. Suddenly I know, that I can choose to enjoy every second of my birthday.


I had the best video chat with Mr. Atheist. He literally sang a happy birthday song for me, and playing a guitar at the same time. Oh wait, I should say, he played a guitar, and singing at the same time. He played guitar really well, but I had to be honest he sang really bad! LOL. But I loved that moment. It was one of the most beautiful moments in my life and I owed him that.

Miiya sent me a happy birthday message too. What a surprise! I know I said I hated surprises, but this is a nice one. And it didn’t make me angry or something. I love her too šŸ™‚


Shan, one of my flatmates told me that there was a beer festival in Norwich! She gave me some information, which was the best birthday gift she could ever give me. Information! With Alcohol in it!


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