Birthweek: 24 (2)



I talked to Chi, a Japanese friend in one of my class. She greeted me happy birthday, and she asked me if I was going to watch the Coldplay gigs or not. I told her that I couldn’t because I didn’t have the ticket. She told me, that one of her friends had an extra ticket. What as small world, the friend she was talking about was one of my friends too… So I just made a call, and got the breaking news. The ticket was still available.


After lunch, I went to the box office with Chu, hoping that we could changed the name on the ticket so I could buy the ticket from her. Actually, we knew that the ticket is fixed, and you can’t rename the ticket, but I don’t know how we did it, but we assure the lady in the box office to do it for us. I GOT THE COLDPLAY TICKET!!


I GOT MY NEW PHONE…. The salesperson was really nice, knowing that it was my birthday. He was really helpful, and to be honest he was good looking too. But, no… I didn’t flirt with him. That was my day, and if there’s anyone should got flirted it should be me 😀

The Salesperson showed me the way I should take if I wanted to go to the beer festival. What a nice day!


A birthday dinner with Denise, and my other flatmates. I was home late so Shan couldn’t have dinner with us. But Denise spent her time at my flat and it was a really fun talk with her. We also distribute the noodles to our Chinese friends, because the Chinese believes in birthday noodles. The noodles Denise made was really delicious.

We also made banana fritters, and ate some cake (or pie). She brought me Pringles too… I really forgot about diet whatsoever that day.


Cher and I went to the city to the Beer Festival. It rocks!!

I mean, even if it wasn’t my birthday, it still rocks. The fun is doubled because it was my birthday. I knew my birthday is almost over… SO… I took what I could take:)

We drank different kind of beer and cider, and it was really an interesting experience. The local beer, was the best for me. And of course the cider. I don’t really like the beer from other counties. So I think if it’s possible, I will get a job in Norwich, live here, and enjoy the local beer for the rest of my life….


I just got home and felt really happy. My birthday is over, but I decided, this year, it is going to be Birthweek for me!



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