Intermezzo: Why Bybyq? Why?


There is a reason why I posted this blog in English. It is not because I wanted to change myself completely, especially after my birthday (although anyone can always use birthdays as a milestones or a turning point). It was because of the essays.

Since I came here, I have got one essays which could possibly changed my life forever. It was a formative essays, which was compulsory (especially for the international students) to do to assess our essay/academic writing skill. Unfortunately, just last week I was told that my academic writing skill wasn’t good enough, because of language problems. Even in my poor essay, the assessor only comment was that I need language help!

As far as I know nothing better than practicing, and the only way I know how to practice my English writing skill is by writing a lot in English. I decided to use this blog as a way to practice my English, to sharpen my writing skill, and probably to promote this blog a little >_< (please, I am a blogger, I always wanted to get more popularity in this blogsphere…) I know some of you might feel a little bit disappointed about my decision, but this is not merely because I wanted to look “cool”, but this change has its purpose. I really hope my readers would understand this circumstances.

Maybe, one day, when my writing skill has become better, and I don’t need to practice anymore, I would change this blog into Indonesian again. To be honest, that is what I wanted, because sometimes I missed talking in Indonesian. You know, I started to dream in English, and slowly but sure losing my Indonesian vocabulary even when I chatted with my Indonesian friends, while my English itself is still very poor >_<.

So… For my readers who were asking why I started to write in English these few days, I hope I answered your confusion and I really hope you understood my reason.



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