Birthweek: Coldplay


Like what I have told you before on my previous entries, I finally got my Coldplay ticket.

Have I told you, I hate people being late and give no confirmation about anything. Unfortunately, my friend was somehow someone who doesn’t really care about time. She’s like being late almost all the time at class, and I didn’t understand what’s going on in her mind… She wanted to be late for the concert to? Hell fuckin’ no!

The main entrance opened at about 7 p.m., and when I got there, at 6 p.m., there were like hundreds of people who have already queued. Everyone wanted to get in early and stand as close as they could to the stage. I wanted that too! Too bad, my friend wasn’t thinking the same (and she got our tickets!!)

Luckily, inside the venue, we was able to find a good spot, where we can still manage to watch the whole show clearly. Okay, I admit that sometimes I wanted to smack some heads so I can see the band clearer, but so overall, I got one of the best view.

I like the opening DJ. He was able to keep the crowd steamed even Coldplay came a bit late. But, that wasn’t my main reason why I love Zane Lowe, the DJ. I love him because he played songs from my favorite bands. He opened his show with “We Will Rock You”, and he also played “Wonderwall” by the legendary OASIS. He even played “Smells Like Teen Spirit”! How cool was that?

I am glad that it was a pretty small gig, because there were not so many people there. Only some people who really wanted to be there came, and had fun. It was a really good crowd. Usually I hate crowd, but for that particular moment, I love them.

Trying to capture the whole concert was next to impossible. Not only that I don’t have a sufficient equipment to record it, but I dropped my camera and broke it in the beginning of the concert. Don’t worry the file is safe, but I could only record the rest of the event with my phone. Of course the picture quality is horrible, but it’s better than nothing. Even, I have something to show you 😀

Yap… I hold the copyright of this video 🙂 Enjoy!


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