Birthweek: Next Stop, London!


For the closure of my Birthweek, I went to London with Mr. Nottingham. Yup, you heard me right.

After some times planning this trip, I finally went to London by bus. I admit that I was a bit late, because if only I booked the bus ticket earlier, I was probably able to get better deal. But that’s fine, I don’t want to spoil the fun because of the ticket price.

I arrived at about 10 a.m. at Victoria Coach Station. I know it wasn’t so far from Westminster Abbey because I saw the route from my window. Actually, I know that if I wanted to make it easier, I would just need to go and get a taxi there. But then I thought, where’s the adventure? So I walked from the coach station to Westminster Abbey, which Mr. Nottingham and I has decided as our meeting point.

After I met Mr. Nottingham (a little bit awkward because it was the first time we met, after the first time we met two months ago), we walked to Buckingham Palace. Yes we walked. And, actually, we walked a lot there. As the engineer in our group of two, he has calculated that we walked more than 10 km for our two days trip! I believe I lost some weight after that!

Actually, this was a budget trip! We don’t spend a lot of money to have fun. We skipped some place which we knew would cost us a lot of money and time, like London Eye, and instead buying some food, sit and had dinner together at the Thames Riverside. It could be romantic, but for us, it was all fun!

We also had a late night walk, from Earl’s Court where we spend the night, up to High Kensington where we can see nice restaurants and cafes, and beautiful houses. We decided to have a drink and shisha on one of the cafe there, and talked. Yes we talked a lot, and it was really a pleasant way to end a day.

In the morning of the second day, we starved! So, we walked to one of a small restaurant who sells Classing English Breakfast.

Some of us knew English Breakfast Tea… What I had wasn’t the tea. It was a real breakfast. I’ll give you the image so you can imagine how full I was after the breakfast.

Not so many people know that there is Sherlock Holmes Museum in London. even one of my teacher admitted that he never heard of this museum. The museum is located at 221B Baker Street (the actual address of the well-known detective). It was so much fun. Please guys remind me that I will buy Mr. Atheist the Sherlock Holmes’ hat later before I go back to Indonesia 😀

Unfortunately, I lost my watch. Yes, you right. I lost so many things lately, and I hope the watch would be the last thing I lose (at least this year). But, would that make me less happy then? Of course not! I was so happy when I went back to Norwich, although I know this London trip is the end of my Birthweek. I can’t wait until my next birthday again…


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