A Little Bit Of Kindness


“Do you want me to put two rolls of tissue?” Luisa asked me today when she cleaned up my shower pod. “I usually put one in every room, but for you I’m going to leave two.”

Luisa is our cleaner at the flat. She’s probably in her late 30’s, with a dyed hair and a really thick Latin accent. I met her on my first week here when she helped me get rid of the dead wasp from my room, and I think we became friends afterwards. I like her because of her helpfulness and she likes me, I think because I was one of few students who really appreciate her work in the flat.

Being nice won’t kill you, Denise said the other day, and I agreed with her. After all, it is not hard to say hello, or thank you, or please to someone. It’s like something that we do everyday. It’s not only about one extra roll of toilet paper, but it’s one extra friend on your life.

However, my conversation with Miiya yesterday made me think that I need to rephrase, or probably revise Denise’s version of kindness.

It is good to be nice to people, and being kind, because being nice and kind won’t kill you. But, there’s a situation when being nice and kind (which makes other people happy) makes you the feel otherwise. Do you need to keep being nice if you’re in this kind of situation? I don’t think so.

Being nice and kind is about being sincere. It should come from the heart that you want to do it, and you like doing it. If you had to fake the act of kindness, then for me you’re not being nice and kind at all. In a subtle words, you’re just being polite. In a simple words, you’re just a liar. In the worst point of view, you have a natural gift of being a politician.

If someone said that you have nice pair of eyes, do you have to compliment something from them in return? A sincere thank you would be sufficient in my opinion, especially if you really think that there’s nothing we can praise about them. You can, of course, make up something right there and then and telling that person that they also have a nice hairstyle or beautiful glowing skin, although they’re actually not. My question is, what’s the point of saying that?

Mark my word. Once you start lying to make people happy, that’s the beginning you’re enslaved by the society. You’re going to, little by little, giving up what you believe, and bury your conscience alive, and live a lie just to make other people happy. Then you start to think that you could, probably, make EVERYBODY happy. Then you’re the only one unhappy in this world. And when you realized, it’s too late to turn back. And when you look back… you can only see me laughing.

Yes, it is good for being nice to people. It won’t kill you to be nice and kind to other people. But you don’t have to be a liar to make people happy…


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