Life is Good


Yes… Life is good.

The problem is, sometimes you forget about the fact that life is good because it seems different from your point of view. Sometimes, all you need is something or someone to remind you how good life is (or could be).

Few days ago, after some times in the Library, doing our assignments, Denise and I went to the pub (for the first time) to have one (and only one) glass of drink. And then we talked, and Denise start complaining (for the 23659th time) about her lousy flat, and I complaining about some classmates. And decided we didn’t need another glass and just go home.

Maybe, under the influence of alcohol, Denise started to think how nice I was. Really…

After months being told that I was cold and unfriendly, and probably rude or harsh, or probably annoying or stubborn… It was weird that someone actually tell you that you’re a nice person. Even she said she’s glad that she met me, and talked to me, and befriended with me. Someone actually grateful of being friend with me and said that blatantly on e-mail… I was assured that she was drunk when she did that.

She even said that it was nice for her to know me, because I was her reminder that life was good. She said my positive, easy going, and carefree (or according to Mr. Atheist: my Summer attitude), is what remind her how beautiful life could be.

Probably she haven’t known me so well that she never seen how galau I could be on my PMS. Hah!

However… As much as I believe that life is good… I never introduce life as a nice old friend who will give you everything easily.

Life is good, but it doesn’t mean it’s nice and easy. Sometimes you forget that life is good because it taught you a lesson in a hard way. It punched you in the face, or probably kicked you in the head, and bring you back to reality so your feet touch the ground and you know that you’re not living on the nirvana. Life is the best teacher, and I think I am a quite good example of how life changed someone’s life into a better one.

Sometimes, you just see it from the wrong point of view. Like when I lost my phone. I can either see how cruel life was, or I can see it as a way to lose the annoying contacts from my phone without actually deleting them one by one. Or it was a really good opportunity to see who’s care and who’s not. Most of all, I know who’s really important to me and who’s not 😀

What? What?

Of course this blog entry is so subjective. It’s about changing your point of view, and changing your way of thinking. Probably this is the most basic form of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, I can apply to my life, and somehow it works for me :p

So, now for the closure, I am going to say it once for all. Life might not be as nice as you want. It might be less kind than usual. It might sometimes be cruel and let you down, and disappointed. But life is good.


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