Dealing With “It”


If you want to call this entry as the continuation of the last entry, I’ll be fine with it. If you think that this entry has nothing to do with the previous one, I wouldn’t mind either. Even if you don’t read this entry, I don’t really care >_<

It’s been so long since the last time I wrote some good tips for you. I usually write tips only for the thing that I know best. Now, since I was dealing with lots of bad things, which from now we call “It” (with capital I), I want to give some tips for people who think their life sucks.

This is a transferable skill, so you can use it anywhere. Read this carefully, one day you might want to thank me.

1. You can’t change the world, you don’t change yourself, and you will never be able to change the situation. Just, change your point of view.

You might have heard lots of crap about how to change yourself to fit in. They said that as if it was so easy to do! It is gonna be as hard as heaven! So, instead of changing things you can’t change, you can just move a bit and change your point of view.

Remember when I lost my phone? Well… I can see it as a misfortune (which of course it is), or I can see it as an easy way to get rid of people I don’t want in my contact list. It’s still hard, but it’s more doable than changing the world or changing yourself…

2. Drink!

It’s only happen to me, actually. However when things went really bad, and being positive made me feel shitty, I just drink my problem up. You can start with drinking water, but it won’t help. Drinking coffee would only get up all night and make you more depressed, and drinking Baygon would kill you instantly.

I usually go with alcohol. Not for everyone. If you’re underage, go and drink milk, kiddo! Hey! Someone! Please get these underage kids out of my blog…. Security!!

3. Listen to other people’s problem

Really? Yeah of course. If your friends have worse problems than yours, you know that life isn’t so bad for you. Seriously, you can even laugh at them… you’re allowed to do that… I mean, I do that a lot.

4. Shopping

No, I won’t say retail therapy. Because I will not actually buy anything. I just like walking around, and window shopping, and… piss the shop assistants because I would just mess everything in the shop. That’s what makes me happy… you know?

You can actually buy something for real, it makes you happier… for a while. In the end of the month you will start get depressed and you have to read this entry all over again, to know what to do because you will start to think that your life sucks… again.

5. Be mean!

Muahaha… this one is actually my second favorite (after drinking). Seriously… do something mean to someone. You can make fun of your friend, or just play prank to someone you met on the street. See their reaction… if you don’t get punched you will be happy for one day. Seriously.

I did that.

And I was good at it.

6. Go die.

I think it explains what I am going to say. Personally, I don’t like this options. Not that I think that it is selfish or anything… for me it’s because I don’t believe in afterlife, so it sucks that life ends just like that. But for someone who believes in reincarnation or something, this could be your option.

You can die in many ways, poison, slit your hand or throat, shoot yourself in the head or mouth… Be creative. Jump from the high rise building is so last year, please don’t do that.


So… where’s smoking on this list? I can’t actually put it in my list, because now I don’t have any. Please someone send me those piece of heaven 😦 I really need those now, since the winter is coming…


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