The Superhero Syndrome


I don’t know if this term is widely used or only some term that we invented to this particular phenomena.

What would you do if you see a girl in the airport, losing her bag with passport, wallet and ticket inside it? What would you do if you see a really beautiful friend crying because of having a really hard break up with her ex? What would you do if a girl friend lost her phone and need a quick help to block all her contacts? Your reaction might answer what I mean with superhero syndrome.

We use this term, usually for someone who have the feeling of urgency, to help any damsel in distress. The symptoms are quite clear, the adrenaline rush, the faster heartbeat, and of course, the unstoppable stupidity to help girls who looks like need it. And, somehow in a way I can not explain, I am a superhero bait.

I don’t have this Damsel in Distress syndrome ( I might explain it later… or might be not), and I don’t have that Supervillain syndrome. So I don’t know why I attracted these heroes around.

One of possible reasons is that I don’t look like I am capable enough to be by myself, which for me is a little bit insulting >_<. Or, probably it is because I always look like a damsel in distress?

However, I am not going to talk about those heroes around me, I am going to talk about myself. This is my blog, this is my time to shine… capiche?

After AK updated her blog (finally, after a hundred years of absence…), I started to analyze myself. In her blog, AK made me as if I was her heroine (or something like that), which instantly reminded me of Denise’s e-mail. Two girls, in one week, put me in the position as if I have done something heroic to them, which for me… it was something… natural.

Do I have this superhero syndrome too? I know that I am nicer to my girl friends than to my guy friends. I know that sometimes I become too dependable, although I hate girls who are emotionally attached with me. I know that there are lots of chances that they might take me for granted but… I like the feeling when they said that I was being helpful. I like the appreciation…

Really. Do I have superhero syndrome?

I should go and check in the internet if they have the self assessment test for people with superhero syndrome, but then again I remember that this superhero syndrome is not a common term used by general people. I don’t even recall that this is used in academic situation. So, rather than wasting my time browsing, I tried to assess myself with these three questions:

1. Do I always feel that I need to help my girl friends if they are in need?

2. Do I always feel bad if I don’t help them solving their problems?

3. Have I ever involved in troubles when I tried to help these girls?

If the answer is yes, then you might have the superhero syndrome. Please don’t ask what my answer was…


4 responses

      • I know you’re not that heroic. But I think it will be fun to mention that I used to think of you as my angel. Maybe it’s that angel-face of yours that actually hides a devil underneath… *runs*


      • What’s wrong with having a balanced life? Angel outside devil inside… it’s like yin and yang, right? Doesn’t mean it is a bad thing πŸ˜€