The Story of Chilli Pepper


Remember my birthday? Well… I was saved by chilli pepper that day.

Sometimes in life, good things come when you’re least expecting. It wasn’t a miracle though, it was some kind of mathematical calculation of probability, but if you want to see it as miracle I won’t try to convince you otherwise. You can see it as a sweet surprise in life, which for me isn’t quite suitable as well, since I hate surprises. Or, you can see it as a chilli pepper phenomena.

The chilli pepper phenomena happens when you were down, and it seems everything around you is just a pile of rubbish. Your friend sucks, your life sucks, your relationship sinks to the bottom of the deepest sea, your study fails along with everything you do in life. Suddenly something good happens, and unconsciously you take it as a sign from the universe that that is going to be the moment that change your life. And it is.

You feel happy. Your friend who sucks dies (or at suffers something so it makes you happy) and you find new love of your life, and you move on from a long term heartache. Your teacher told you that you have the second change to fix your grade by sending him a better paper by the end of the month, and you cook something really delicious that evening it makes you proud. A package of Indonesian cigarettes comes and you call that day with the last puff with your smoking buddies downstairs.

What a life.

Sometimes you just need someone or something to mark the moment when everything change. You just need one good sign that makes you believe everything would be okay. Or at least, someone to tell you not to die too soon.

I had my chilli pepper.

Today, Denise had her “chilli pepper”.

Yesterday… I was someone else’s “chilli pepper”.

It was not the same with being heroic thing, but I’d rather be called as “chilli pepper” rather than “hero”. Hero is like… something that you earn, something that should be achieved by hardwork and responsibility. But chilli pepper is something that comes effortlessly to you because you deserve it. If I was your chilli pepper, you deserve me. As simple as that.

You don’t go and find your chilli pepper. That’s what I know. But, you won’t be able to recognize your chilli pepper if you only look at the darkness. So, release yourself a bit, I hope my blog can be your chilli pepper ๐Ÿ™‚


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    • You came! I am glad to see you visiting here, and so happy that you consider this blog as your chilli pepper. ๐Ÿ˜€ Send my regards to your raisin then ๐Ÿ˜€