Buzzy Like A Bee


I hate bee… I killed a bee and cried because I was so scared its friends would come to me and kill me. Well, those bees didn’t come, and I won’t recommend you to watch anything about the killer bees, because it would just make you stupidly paranoid…

But yeah, I was quite busy lately. It’s nice to know that I still care to write a blog, eh? Well, writing is the only thing that keeps me sane in this hectic situation. I don’t want to complain about life but now I think 24 hour a day is not enough. Now I know why people said that studying in the UK needs a lot of work.

This is a work, Man!

First of all, this is almost the end of the term, and it’s like I haven’t finish any of my essays. I only have several weeks and I have trouble with my academic English. Hey, Byq, why don’t you just write your essay like you’re writing your blog? Because it is a c a d e m i c.

Today is one of those days. It has been three days since I actually wake up on time. I was a bit in rush lately because I couldn’t wake up as early as usual. And I have to eat breakfast because my mood would be ruined if I don’t. It’s so hard to keep the biological clock on time when you feel too tired to even wake up and start the day.

Shan told me earlier this evening that she saw me very “angry” (I can understand that she has a really limited English vocabulary, especially to explain a very specific emotion like “gloomy”) the other morning. I was really tired I couldn’t even focus on what I ate, and i didn’t listen to any of what she said. It happened again today.

Denise invited me to the coffee break with her friend, the Italian Musician. He’s actually so cute, but I think he’s as old as my mom, so let’s skip the crap. But I couldn’t focus to anything, because I was so tired, and it makes me feel so gloomy.

I actually burned my breakfast; something I never did before, even when I was a crappier cook. I made the sunny side the wrong way, it was totally a mess because this is the day when I need the SUNSHINE on my breakfast. And, I know right there and then, when the milk couldn’t help you boost your mood, I’m in the lowest point on my life.


I can’t wait until my Indonesian Cigarettes come and I will owe my life to Miiya.


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