Good Luck Chuck!


Few days ago I got an invitation on facebook from one of my old acquaintance. I wouldn’t say “friend” because I have never actually befriended her. Not even after she had a relationship with one of my exes and tried to communicate with me. I am glad they got together though, because they’re getting married, I think in the end of this week.

It’s not something big for me knowing that my ex is getting married. My first ex got married last month, and this is actually my second ex. But when it happened it makes me think….


You know?

The other day I watched a movie titled Good Luck Chuck… Hey, before you continue reading, this is going to be full spoiler. So SPOILER ALERT! You might want to skip this entry if you haven’t watch this movie and want to watch it first before knowing the whole story….

Okay… So, in this movie, there’s a guy named Chuck. Whoever girl he made love to will get the love of her life and get married soon after him. Now, Two of my exes are married, I think the other two will follow their path real soon. Let’s see….

I am not feeling bad about this… It’s like bringing good things to people who was once close to me is nice too (see… I actually a really good person!). However, some people felt bad when their ex gets married, for several reasons. Maybe for Chuck, it’s because he feels that he would never be able to find the ‘one’… Maybe for Mr. Atheist is because of his ababil side… Maybe for Miiya it’s because she hasn’t yet let go… Maybe for someone else, it might be some other reasons.

For me…

It’s okay.

I am so happy now. It’s like “someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure”… I am glad that someone actually appreciate my trashes as their treasures… Wait a minute, why did it sound so bad? It was like I trash them >_< It’s a bad analogy, isn’t it?

Anyway… Good luck chuck doesn’t fit me well…. You know it sound so boyish. I don’t like being called chuck… Probably you should change it:



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