And They Said I Was A Bad Influence


That makes me smile a little.

When Denise and Shan told me that, I knew they were joking. But I started to realize that maybe someone out there, someone who doesn’t really know who I am, probably think that I might be a bad influence to them.

To be honest, I don’t really “stick to the norm” kind of person. I don’t do what my mom asked me to do and I actually do things she doesn’t want me to do. I admit I smoke, and even few days ago a mini hookah was sent to me. I drink, relatively a lot, which even it doesn’t make me a drunkard, it’s enough to make some people think I that I am.  I support homosexuality, even I can say I might be one of those people in the LGBT societies. I don’t really care about religion or beliefs, and even I don’t believe in those kind of things, and I tend to make fun of it.

Somewhere, of course it should take place where I wouldn’t be able to witness it with my own eyes, there are probably some people who believe that befriended with someone like me would give them a really bad influence. What? It makes sense!

I wanted to ask people who came to me for advice, “why do you come to me? Don’t you know what kind of person I am?” I mean, shouldn’t they be afraid they might get something bad from me? Maybe, they would get some contagious disease from me and go home as a atheist drunkard smoker lesbian?

Yes I was being cynical.

Many times, my parents told me not to get close to someone, or telling my sisters or brother not to befriend with someone else because they might give you a bad influence just because of what they’ve seen. Probably because they’re a gamer who spend most of their time on the internet cafe, or probably because they are children in a broken home family who go to school only to get scolded by teachers? Probably it’s because of how they look, how many piercings in their ears, and how bright they dye their hair, or how many visible tattoos on their body.

Don’t get together with the bad crowds. They said. Because for them, the crowd is the most important thing. They might not believe how good those people might be. How respectful what they did to stand up for their family and friends. They might not believe how smart they are when they talk about political stuffs, and how easy they blend in the society. They don’t know how talented they are in music, or how great they might be in business.

Some people just believe that the bad crowds are the bad influence.

I know some people would fall to the temptation for doing crime, which I might want to avoid. But, sometimes, they just need some chances to prove themselves to the world what they’re capable of. I am not talking about the criminals, I was talking about good people in bad crowds.

Do I believe in bad crowds? Well… I don’t.


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  1. To be honest, if my parents know as much about you as I do, they will probably get a heart attack and tell me to stay away from you. But I’m glad we are friends! 😀