Good Girl


Because of the last post, and the comment from AK, I remembered one of my eyeopening discussions with Mr. Atheist. It is about how guys like himself would rather chose a Cewek Baik, instead of Cewek Baik-Baik.

Well… I couldn’t just translate those two phrases, because I have to explain why he chose to use the phrases. First, in Indonesian language, sometimes the repetition of a word could make a huge difference in meaning, sometimes, it change not only the meaning but also the sense of it. Second, in Indonesian language, when an adjective is attached to a different noun it can completely change the meaning and the sense.

For example: Cewek (noun) is a slang for “girl” or “woman”. Baik (adj) means Good. Baik-baik (adj) also means Good, but in different sense. When they’re combined together, in google translator, both Cewek Baik-Baik and Cewek Baik are translated as “Good Woman”. But actually in Indonesian, Cewek Baik-Baik has the sense of reputability and respectability, while Cewek Baik emphasize more on the attitude or the kindness of the individuals.

Anyway, let’s leave the translation things to the translation students or the real translator, because that’s not the reason why I write this piece.

So, what I was going to write?

Oh… yeah!

One day, Mr. Atheist changed his status on BBM with: “a guy doesn’t need Cewek Baik-Baik, but (he needs) Cewek Baik”. I don’t know if this mindset is universal or just some people believes in this, but for me it makes sense.

I think this should be the consideration for people who wants to get married (not that I want to), that respectability is not everything. How many times we heard that a woman become the victim of domestic violence, with black and blue in her face, or worse, beaten to death by her husband, who… probably, a respectable guy, with a good job and came from a family with good reputation. How many times the arranged marriage ended up in this kind of situation?

Most of the time we’re blinded with image that has been made in the society. We were fed with the information about what’s considered good and what’s not, but we’ve never been given a chance to actually question the truth of it. Sometime we forget how easy it is to create an image in the society… Trust me, I am a communication student, I learned about image management… Now, even politician can create good image if they have a good PR team behind them…

But we’re not politician, aren’t we? We don’t want to be one of them… And we don’t want to be fooled with those images, do we? We know better… don’t we?


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