Good Web Hosting?


I hate my web hosting.

It was the second time in the last three days I couldn’t access my own blog. It was said in the screen that there was an error in accessing database, or something like that. I don’t care what happened but if there is a technical problem I believe I should have been informed at least 24 hour in advance.

Well, it is not a secret that the web hosting in Indonesia is considerably cheap, however it doesn’t mean I expected a cheap performance and lousy service, or does it? Do you, by any chance, chose the cheaper service because you expected less? You don’t, do you?

It would be very inconvenient, that I encountered this kind of technical difficulties when I was trying to blog more actively (post more regularly). The other problem for me is how it would affect my blog traffic. How can my reader come and enjoy what I’ve written carefully from the heart if they can’t even access to my blog? So what did I do?

Of course I couldn’t call them. As much as I want to call them and make some action like what Bedjo did when his blog was deleted by the Team Blogger, I couldn’t do that because I am in the UK and they are in Indonesia. Bugger! So I sent them ticket… like usual, this might be the 8th ticket I sent them this year alone, for the same problem.

And as usual, they will answer you like about 8 or 10 hour after your ticket has been sent with a simple reply like, “we have checked and it was okay. You can check again.” And when I checked, it’s already fixed! Of course! They fixed it first then tell me as if there were no problem at all.

If it was my first experience I might think it was my fault that I couldn’t access my own blog, but after some times I know that they were dishonest!

So, I just backed up all my data on the website while trying to get new web hosting, the one with better management. I will probably find some web host provider which located in the UK so I can just come to their office and make some scene if they cheated on me or something. You know… just in case. However, I haven’t been able to find the one that want… because apparently it’s not cheap at all >_<

I just want to have a professional service so I can have my blog running without problem. Anyone have suggestion?


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  2. Ähm… No, it isn’t really easy to choose a good webhosting. Most of them have some problems. Even, for my online shop, i cancelled my hosting plan on 1and1 and after a month, such a good reputated web hostings.

    Believe me, choose a good web hosting is such kind of ‘membeli kucing dalam karung’; you never know what inside is, before you purchase it. So, googling and read some feedbacks on forums before you go.

    And yes, the cheapest one isn’t always the best one.


    • It’s a bit frustrating isn’t it, Djo? I am trying to choose very carefully now since I had a really bad experience with this one. I might wait until next month (or next year) because now I have so much things to do (course work), but thanks for your suggestions 🙂