We Are Not Londoners (1)


Where were you Bybyq?

Yeah, I am so sorry I didn’t update the blog for the weekend. I am so sorry that I didn’t feed those hungry souls of yours. However, I am now back and I can tell you the whole story from the beginning.

Few weeks ago, I got a phone call from a professional photography studio in London, named Pierre Lemond photography, that I won a competition. I didn’t recall it at the first time because actually I entered the competition only by accident. Seriously. Me?

So, about two weeks before I got the phone call, I clicked on one of the ads on FB. The ads asked me whether I wanted to get a FREE make over, hair styling and magazine photo shoot experience? At that time, all I can see was the big “FREE” so I didn’t really understand whatever it was. I was just asked to fill the form, nothing else. So that’s it. I won that opportunity.

I was allowed to bring one friend with me. So, because I was in Denise flat when I got the call, I asked Denise to go with me. Of course she wanted to go, because things weren’t really smooth at her flat at that moment and she wanted a little weekend getaway. We booked a session for two of us and also two return tickets to London (with the cheapest transportation available).

Why didn’t I tell anybody about this?

It’s merely because I still unsure whether that was real or not. You know, all my life I never won any lucky draw or anything similar to that. So when someone called me and say I won something, it sounds unreal. I told Denise about my doubt, and she told me that if it is not for real, we can just go around London and have a weekend getaway without photo shoot. It would be as fun with or without the photo session, so I wouldn’t have to put so much thought about that.

So, the weekend came, and we went to London. Want to know what happened in London?


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  1. Oh! Cool…. What was happen next? Tell us…

    Who knows in the next few months your photo has a chance to be published as a cover of Playboy magazine, lol… Keren… keren….