We Are Not Londoners (3)


I think this is the part that most of the readers have been waiting for. I am so sorry to make you wait because I tend to talk about too many irrelevant things, and blabbering about unrelated stuff that actually makes the entries full of nonsense. Even the introduction of this entry has bored you already, huh?

Maybe I should just start now.


I just told you earlier that I won the competition. It was a one day experience of having a makeover and hair styling, and you will have a professional magazine photo shoot session for free. However, I just realized AFTER we book a session, that the image wouldn’t come for free. I think I have to make that clear, so that you won’t ask me for the pictures I took there.

Denise and I went there after a day strolling around the city. Well, we didn’t stroll actually, because London is a busy city and everybody walks so fast, you would feel so funny and slow if you just stroll. And we were late for the appointment, because it was not that easy to find the studio. We walked to the wrong direction, and just headed to the opposite way, so we needed to call them to get us to the right place. Silly…

We had to wait, because apparently there are lots of people in queue. There are about 3 groups before us, so we needed to wait for about an hour to get our make over session. The waiting actually wore us out a little, so when it came to my time getting a make over, I almost fell asleep. The make up artist laughed at me ( I hope she won’t get offended) because I did that.


It was not my first time getting a full heavy make up on my face, but I never found myself that pretty. In Indonesia, they have a completely different way to put make up on my face. I dare say, that in Indonesia they use a little more conventional way, so they apply the same method to everyone. Lucky for those with beautiful features on their face because they don’t need much correction, but some who needs correction won’t get the best result that way. Denise and I got a different style, so the make up artist treated us a bit differently too.

Mike is our photographer. He’s a skinny guy with a disturbingly sexy British accent. Denise said he’s cute, but he’s definitely not my type >_< He was a bit in a rush, probably because we were the last client, and it was Friday night! But he tried to be very helpful, knowing that these two Asian girls were not a professional model -_-‘ We got roughly 40 individual shots each, and around 20 double shot.

*talking about shot, it reminds me that I bought a shooter in London’s souvenir shop. It has my name on it!*

Our photos are nice. It’s too bad that we don’t have enough money to buy all of the images. Denise said, she would probably marry a rich guy, so she would take another session and next time she would buy the whole CD. LOL.


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