Bitching Like A Byq


I finally got my period.

Well… I don’t know if it was an important matter or not, but last month I didn’t have mine so I was a bit cranky. It was like a prolonged PMS!

Actually, I have already known that I would have a very grouchy attitude. Well… not grouchy to be exact… I would be so bitchy. I would talk back whenever anyone talks and just disagree with everything just for the sake of it. If I am still active in a forum I might get banned or something for inflicting a fight. A flamer… that’s how we called people like that on the older days.

Anyhow, back to my PMS…

I actually got Denise crossed when we were in London. We were not fighting, but I remember her protesting my attitude. Which reminds me how Mr. Atheist said the same thing about two or three days ago. Which reminds me that Miiya said I was so annoying (I think she was just trying to soften it). Which also reminds me how the other friends reacted the same way…

So, when I chatted with si Onyed the other day (well… I will tell you how we’re doing later), I asked her how’s my bitchiness level when I’m having my PMS. She said it’s 8 out of 10.


I’ve been with her for more than four years and yet she’s still rate me that high? I can’t imagine how it would be for people who haven’t yet known me that well. I believe my bitchiness level raised significantly when I have my PMS… It was unthinkable because I know even when I wasn’t PMS-ing I bitch a lot already.

I hate PMS.

It’s not only about being emotionally drained when you’re having PMS, but it’s about maintaining in control. It’s worse than alcohol! It’s called hormones. It’s worse because you can’t control it in any way. You can’t control when and how much, you can’t control because you don’t know if you’re getting affected or not. At least when you’re drunk, you know you’ve been drinking… you understand that there’s a consequences. But, this? This is just because you’re a girl and you have to have this!

Anyway, did I bitch any comment in this blog? If I did, I am so sorry… I should have been able to be a better host 😦


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