I hated living in the same flat with Chinese. It’s not that I hate them or dislike them. I like them because they’re actually a bunch of nice girls. The problem is that they might have different perception of what is clean and what is not with me. Or, to put it simpler, I see them having a problem with hygiene. *I am so sorry about that*

After Denise’s trouble at her flat, I started to have the same problem since two weeks ago. They started to leave the kitchen uncleaned, spilling sauces on the fridge, and got the floor very dirty. I swore myself if I found them messing up with the kitchen I would go to our supervisor and report them for disturbing the community.

And yesterday night they had a party.

Denise had told me before, her kitchen would always be very messy after a party. I had a very bad image of Chinese party because of that kind of story. Moreover, when I entered the kitchen, they had so many stuffs on the table, the pantry, and also the kitchen counter. My spirit sunk. I never wanted to put myself in so much trouble, I had a long list of things to do, and adding a meeting with the supervisor to talk about kitchen party would only make my weeks even worse.

The rain made my mood worse, so when the rain stopped, I fled to the library and worked my ass off so I forgot about the kitchen party and the mess I might have to handle when I got home. It was almost midnight when I went home and the kitchen light was on, so I entered to make some coffee (one stupid thing I might tell you later).

To my surprise, the kitchen was very clean.

It was even cleaner than the usual. It was like Luisa our cleaner were having double shift and had a kitchen cleaning day at evening. The counter was so shiny it blinded my eyes… well… I was hyperbolic for the last part. But, I hope you got what I meant. It was so clean it creeps the hell out of me.

Did they hire a professional to clean everything up? Or it was them?

Or was I being prejudice just because of the stereotype of the Mainland Chinese culture? I don’t have to put any citation here, because this is a blog, not a wikipedia, and you can always go there to check what i was talking about if you don’t understand…. (Oh my gosh I was being bitchy again).

Somehow they showed me that they might have the same level of understanding about what is clean and what is not. The kitchen is very clean, even for my judgement. Amazing isn’t it?

No… Not them amazing.

The prejudice in me… It’s amazing.


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  1. Woa byq… Just wait till you have to share a flat with boys… they think that all the dishes can magically clean themselves if they leave them long enough to dry… 😀 …