An Invisible Line


Earlier today, in class, Clive my teacher told us something about the invisible line. I actually almost forgot what the context was, but I remember he mentioned something about “the thick of it”, a comedy series that I haven’t watch before. Anyway, I tried to find the transcript of the serial, and… Here you go:

Yeah, he’s… My pie is extremely large, you may have noticed.
– (Terri) He’s brilliant. – Pie for all my friends.
Yeah, my Jacuzzi is king-sized, and everybody can park their arses on the bubble jets.
(Terri) Was that from something?
Dan Miller is a junior minister and he’s not done at all badly, he’s just a bit green.
You’re turning a bit green yourselfthere, Minister.
What are you saying? Are you saying I’m jealous ofDan…
– No, it’s just a little… – Do you know the invisible line?
– You just stepped over it. Yeah, yeah.
– That’s the problem with it being invisible. – Again…

Taken from HERE

The problem with the invisible line is… it is invisible. Sometimes you just missed the clue where the line was. For me, it is so important to know where we draw the invisible line and how we do it (with invisible pen?). I mean, how the hell we’re going to make the world works in order if we can’t even set a line between one people to another?

And because it is important, these lines I don’t want to cross.

What is this line?

Sometimes it is the social norm, sometimes it is the law, sometimes it is the other rules like perhaps… religion? But sometimes its name is commitment.

This invisible line, is not only separating two people. Sometimes the line protected people inside to keep the order inside, and from outside intrusion. It protects a relationship from the third person. A marriage from cheating. A country from the illegal immigrant. A nation from colonialism. This becomes important for me because I have like thousand experiences about these lines. I usually called them: my boundary lines.

Si Onyed might be the witness of how strict I am with boundaries. She might be the one who should be the most pissed if I step over my own boundary, because I taught her so much about this. She knew it already.

This is all about the commitment.

My shrink said that I have a commitment issue. It is not that I don’t believe in commitment. I do believe in it and I respect any commitment. Even I have a real commitment with my hamster, and I was there for better for worse until the death did us part. And I understand completely how hard it is to stay committed to something (or someone), which leads me to “better not having any commitment than to break it”.

It makes me put a lot of respects to those with commitments. Those who is in relationship because they believe that it would lead somewhere. Those who isn’t in relationship just for the sake of it. Those who don’t cheat not just because they can’t or they don’t have someone else they love. But because they committed to what they promised.

I should go back to my shrink and said to her… It’s not me who has the commitment issue. Is those people….


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    • Huhuhu… nulis bahasa inggris cuma buat latihan aja kok… soalnya mesti banyak2 nulis dalam bahasa inggris di sini. Memperkaya perbendaharaan kata 😀 Terima kasih sudi mampir ke mari… 😀


  1. WOW … I love this one… especially the part that you’re so strict with boundaries … with commitments… it takes a lot of courage to be like that …


    • It consumes a lot of energy too, to control your feelings to stay at behind the lines 😀 But I think it’s you who should get my respect, Ike… married, two kids, and pursuing your PhD. So much commitments…