Is It The Five Years or Was That You?


Before I went on, I should tell you that I just consumed an adequate amount of alcohol, so I categorized this under “alcohol talk”.

The first question is: why did I drink? I knew there would be a pile of assignments waiting but I drank instead of doing this shit? Well.. let’s blame everything to both brondongs!

Si Onyed and Miiya.

i wonder why they hated each other. I mean… it’s not hate, but even I can feel some kind of competition going on even before now. But, hell, I don’t care what they’re thinking of each other. I care about what they made me feel and/or think…

I told si Onyed today that I made contact to Miiya. A little bit too late, but I was actually waiting for the time she’s no longer too vulnerable for shocking news. And, I was right, she accepted the news really well, I was a bit surprise of how calm her reaction was.

She asked me whether Miiya told me that she was single or not?

Then the lightning stroke me

It was like the slap bet Barney made with Marshall. Something that I knew would come to me but I just didn’t know when. And when it came it’s still as shocking as it should. And I started to question lots of things. About me. About what I did.

And I wonder… how come… after all this time, it’s only her who knows me better than anyone else. It was her who can tell what I might have done or thought without I have to explain the whole things. And it sucks to know that I don’t have that anymore…

I am used to get everything done. When I was with si Onyed, I got everything settled without I had to ask twice. I got my blackberry upgraded, my computer updated… I got a friend who I can talk everything to, and someone who would answer my bootycall no matter how late it was….

I had someone who care to me, no matter how annoying I was. I had it all… Now I am alone.

Maybe it was the cold weather which made me so mellow, or I just pure lonely… but I started to think that I might have made a bad decision…

Yeah, nyed,.. if you read this, you read it right.

It might be the alcohol, but alcohol just made me tell the truth.

I don’t know, Nyed… Was it the five years we spent together, or was it you? But I do need someone who know me as well as you do….


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