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I know it sounds like I am giving a free advertorial for them, but they deserved this review.

Few days ago I bought a watch from Amazon.co.uk. You know I lost my watch when I was in London and the replacement hasn’t yet come, for one and so many reasons -_-“. I need a watch, a digital one, because I am not too good with analog watch. So, when I found that pretty digital watch at amazon, I just bought it. It was cheap because it was on sale.

Yesterday, the package came. It was in a really good packaging. A neat box with a tightly closed seal from amazon. Inside the big box, there was another small box. The product box. For the watch.

But WTF?

The watch wasn’t functioning at all. Was that the battery? Was that the watch itself? I don’t know what happened, because as far as I know, when you’re buying a watch, it comes with the battery. So I called amazon.co.uk.


They called me.

So, they have this funny button at their customer service page, to ask them to call you. There are two buttons to be exact. The first one is the bootycall button so they would call you right then, and the other one is the “wait 5 minutes” button. Of course I took the booty call!

And it worked!

The second I clicked that button, my phone rang. Although I expected them to call, I was quite shock of how fast the response was. It was an automated call. I had to wait for about three minutes before a man actually picked up the other line and talked to me about the product. So I explained the whole thing.

No fuss.

He told me, that apparently the watch was sold by the third party who worked together with amazon, so it means amazon didn’t have the stock of that particular product. The only thing he could do to help me was to refund all my money.

He didn’t ask me whether I want to get a replacement, or saying that it might be difficult or bla bla bla…

I want to live in this country. I want to die here.

When I was in Indonesia, I had to come to one phone provider counter and made a scene just to make my request to be heard. I had to fight with so many customer services and got nothing…

And here…

He offered me to get my money back.

Amazon.co.uk also paid for the delivery when I need to return my package.

I know I was a little bit disappointed because the product wasn’t exactly what I wanted it to be (damaged), but their customer service was the best I’ve ever experienced in my whole life. THAT is what I call the big company!


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  1. well, for me, AMAZONE’s sucks!!!! And so it’s CS! hahahhahaha!!!
    i was about to order a set of brush marker. I have tried to find them in Surabaya, and i failed. So… i checked amazone, and they have it! Awesome!!
    I tried to order, but it was end up with they refuse to send it to Indo!
    I read all the regulation and bla-bla-bla, and found that they refuse to send some books, CDs (program, game, ect) Nothing mentioning stationery. So, statinary should be OK, I GUESS??

    so… i hit the CS button for chat. The CS responded me really fast, quite impressing, but not for so long. I told him my probs, and he check it, and he was back with “we can not ship it to indo, because of some legal things” Oh yeaaahh… i knew it, no need to repeat. He replied me with some lines about amazone’s regulations, and i feel like dejavu, cos i have read it previously!! Copy-paste should be illegal for CS! I insisted that stationary was not in the list!! And he gave me a nice answer “we can’t. So, is there anything else u need?”
    A clear sign of “fuck off, we finished with u!”

    So….all i can do was, put the “I hate amazone” status on FB, and cursing for the next hours 🙂

    Anyway…the tales of “Soe and the brush marker” was happy ending. A friend who lives in London gave me another on line shopping, but specialist on artist supplies http://www.pencils4artists.co.uk/ They happily ship the brush marker to the scary country named Indonesia and the CS reply my e-mail properly!

    Heeheehee! Sorry for blogging on ur blog, Byq 🙂


    • Hi, Soe. I think the comment filter thought you were spamming because you put a link in your comment. I am so sorry for your inconvenience.

      Which amazon? They have like lots of it. Amazon, amazon uk, amazon italy, and amazon au ( i guess). If it is illegal to send from UK, you can try the other base 🙂 I am not trying to defend them but we definitely experienced different things here. I am not gonna blame you too, but I got Amazon UK send me books to Indonesia several times before and I never got problem with that. But yeah, not only Amazon, but i found few other big online shop refused to ship to Indonesia… -_-”


      • i tried amazone US, and i hate them. So…. a friend told me to try amazone UK. So…i stop to hate amazone, and tried amazone UK. It won’t work!! So… i continue to hate amazone!
        yeah, i know, everyone have their own experience. I’m glad u had the good one 😀


      • I am sorry that you should experience something like that. Too bad that Amazon doesn’t have their representative in Indonesia. It would be different if they do.