Baby It’s Cold Outside


After few days of emotional postings, I think all of us need to rest a little from that. I might just give some update about things that happen here in Norwich.

It’s a little bit busy here in campus… Well, it is extremely busy, actually, because it is near the winter break, so the deadlines are approaching. Of course I have some assignments to finish too, but somehow, in a way I cannot explain, I just activated my Tribal Wars again.

That bloody game…

So… I was a little bit torn between playing game and doing my assignment… Which was a bit worrying because all the projects should be handed in at 19 this month. Oh… well…

It is started to be so cold outside. My yahoo insider told me that it’s 4C outside. I wanted to buy some snacks but if I think about how cold it would be, I just gave up. LOL. Some days it was so cold, that the morning dew froze and it makes the whole meadow white. I took some picture as well, not as pretty as Bedjo’s but…

Probably I would just upload it later when I am not so busy.

The problem with the cold weather is, my nose started to runny again. I think it was the combo effect of the PMS, and the bad weather. The worst is, that these affected my feeling as well.

I became so mellow that I couldn’t stop posting about anything emotional. If I didn’t write that just now, I might start whining again. Even I got sick when I read that. Shall we go on?

Counting down to the winter break.

Some of the Chinese girls in the flat told me that they’re going to go back home. They asked me whether I would go home for Christmas or not. Of course I won’t go home. I might find a job here, or just spend some time with friend, enjoy the Christmas not in Indonesia.

The wheather forecaster told us that snow might fall this year. So why should I go back home and miss the chance of seeing something I have never seen before? It might be good if they just go. LOL. I want the whole kitchen for my own.

Anyway… I have to go back to my game assignments.



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  1. Oh yes, finally someone praises that the photos that I’ve made ??are beautiful *grins*.

    Tips for the winter; Buy a down jacket (the cheap one, because maybe you’ll only wear for one season). Without the down jacket I can not go out in winter, it’s too cold for us.

    Tips for Christmas Eve: Christmas Eve can be a long terrible night if you are alone. So from now seek an acquaintance, perhaps a college friend, the local people who will go home to his/her mother, there you will find a warm traditional evening with them. Maybe you’ll get a turkey filled with apples as dinner. But I’m not sure if your new acquaintance would take you home, because Christmas Eve is a special evening for special people only. Wish you’re lucky.


    • I always praise your photos, Djo!! I bought the down jacket. The long one. It made me like a walking pillow, but who cares?! It’s cheap if you buy it at Primark. It’s quite pretty too, so at least I looked like a fashionable walking pillow.

      Actually Denise asked me once to go to her Aunt’s house at London for Christmas, but I refused. Too bad, I am not a family person :p *cough*loner*cough*. But thanks for your tips. I’ll find another alternatives.