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So it I’ve been installing this device on my blog since so long time ago to get information about my blog. Well, it’s not like I am going to sell this blog or monetize it just for the sake of it, but I just want to know, somehow, what’s going on in my blog, and who comes here every now and then.

I am a bit shocked today when I logged in, that Google Analytics changed the interface. Probably they want to synchronize with everything, because Youtube also changed its interface. Let’s see when blogger and the other google products would do the same thing to get them more integrated. But, apparently that’s not the shock of the day. I found this on the incoming query.

“superbyq.com pacar” or if it is translated to English, it would be “superbyq sweetheart showed there! It means, someone typed “superbyq.com pacar” on the search engine and it led them here to my blog. I don’t know if there’s two person searching the same thing or it’s just one person doing the same thing twice, but Google Analytics recorded two visits from this search.

Still, that wasn’t the shock of the day.

I continued my analytics analysis when I found out, several pages after that “superbyq.com pacar” there are:

What the hell is going on there? Am I having a stalker(s) here? Why did someone so interested if I had a lesbian relationship or not? And actually dig deeper (see from how many pages they visited)?

Holy Mama.

Dude! LOL. I am so sorry that I couldn’t give you any better reaction than LOL. Why don’t you just leave a message somewhere in this blog (since I have a guest book, open comment space, and now a message board too) if you want to know something that personal? Of course I spilled some facts here and there, but wouldn’t it be better if you just ask me?

However, I am so thankful for your coming here. I am so glad to know that someone concerns about my life here.

I hope my entry today, spoiling your searching history won’t make you offended, because, of course, that wasn’t my intention. I just want tell you: “you can ask (NICELY)”


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