After some small talk with Denise few weeks ago, I found out that she actually registered herself to a dating site. Seriously? She barely touched her facebook but yet she’s on a dating site? I asked her whether she was really desperate or something, but she said that it wasn’t out of desperation. Then she kind of preached me about the 21st century dating or something.


After she talked to me like that, it occurred to me that 80% people that has a deeper connection to me was those I know from the internet. I met si Onyed, and mr. Atheist online, and they were and still are the closest person to me. I met Miiya and mr Nottingham in real life, but we actually talked more online. Even for friends… like AK, for example. I befriended her… online.

That makes me think… Should I join a dating site as well?

Oh my gosh… you started to giggle now.

I know it sound so desperate, but I tried to make it as neutral as possible. Okay? So, few hours after talking to Denise, I went home and I don’t know how my browser kept flashing this dating site ads. Out of curiosity, I clicked it. I mean, I just want to know if what Denise said was for real or not.

Well… actually those people in the dating site wasn’t all that bad looking. Some were actually attractive… but that’s the catch isn’t it? If these people are good looking and have good characters, why don’t they find someone in the real life? Are they too picky? Or they have some extra baggage (you have to watch HIMYM to know about this)? Or they just the unlucky?

Seeing at how many options there, it actually gives the chance for the picky to choose one that suit them the most. Like.. how old this person should be, how tall, what would you like for the color of the hair, eyes, or skin tone. Do you want this person to be asian, or caucasian, or middle eastern? Do you want this person to be able to play music or cook? Or do you want this person to be active outdoor or do you want a company who smoke drink and dance? Do you want to get serious or just fun? Kids or no kids?


It’s like… One year of information gathering, saved up in one hour of reading someone’s profile. I am no fan of this actually, because I enjoyed the challenge to dig deeper into human’s mind and characteristics. It’s like a spoiler in a review for a movie, you’d know everything without actually experience anything. But… Hey! It’s still a place to go though…

After I see the dating site, I kind of changed my mind a little. Still not a fan of it, and I never opened that site again, but now I know why people go to that site. Sometimes, it’s just about finding an opportunity you would never find in the real life…


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  1. My friend V met her longtime (now almost two year-long) boyfriend from a dating site 😀 I nearly joined as well but it gave me an error when I tried to sign up -_-

    *giggles* do you remember my favorite debate topic about online relationships?


  2. Did you know? if there is no online dating, I’m not going to meet Tommy, or my ex. And maybe I would never stay in Germany. I will never have a chance to get in touch with both of them, or some other guys.
    Era had changed, Byq. People are too busy to go to a local bar every evening to find a mate. Or wait for friends to be introduced by his friend… Not true when people says that the members of dating portals are ugly people who can not find a mate in the real world.

    Online dating is a simply means to meet new people, without going out every evening. Only that, at least for me. Next is how good you are in touch with someone who you find on the portal.

    Nothing bad at all to be a member of dating portal, i did it. all of us are adults, or?


    • That’s what I said before. I had such a very limited knowledge about this online dating stuff. For me it’s a whole new different thing… However.. I don’t think I am ready to do that.
      I do meet people online, but not from the dating site. I believe the power of internet, but online dating is still a bit too straightforward to me LOL.


  3. while i was reading this post, i got a mail, it was notification from a dating site. Yes…. I’m registered on a dating site 🙂
    Well, i joined because i was crazy and really young, FYI i’ve been there over 5 year! I still there cos i’m still crazy, but my motive now slightly change.
    For me, dating site is just another place to meet people, just like bar or park. Of course it have different characteristic, but still a space to meet people, right? Well, there are lots of scammers in dating site, but… com’on… we’re not that naive and stupid, right 😉 ?


      • LOL. that was a sarcasm, Soe!

        Like what I told Bedjo, I believe the power of the internet, but I found the dating site is too straightforward for me. I made a real good connection with people from blog, from e-mail, chat, facebook… and it was nice. It might lead somewhere, but not necessarily to a romantic relationship.