Something That I Hate: “About Me”


On the last entry I told you that finally I registered myself to one of the dating sites, which now I never touch again. Well… First because I got really bored there, and second, it asked me to pay! So, I might as well left that site.

Anyway, I am not going to talk about the dating site again, because I am not into it. There’s one thing I found out really hard to do when I fill out the profile section. “About Me” form!

If you look into the “About Me” section of this blog, you might recognize my inability to write description about myself. I don’t know why but I think when you write something about yourself in the “About Me” section it was kiind of misleading. You will make the reader thought that you’re just like what you described there, whilst actually different people has different perception about you.

It should be: “My Own Perception About Me”.

The second part isn’t easier… It’s about what things interest you? How could it possible for people to actually fill in this form? What interest me? So many yet so few. I like music, but I don’t like dangdut, for example. I like food but I don’t like several core ingredients like those from onion and garlic family. How could you summarize what you like and dislike in 500 characters? That’s insane.

Seriously, sometimes I think Clive’s 3500 words assignments is so much easier than to sum up my life story in 500 characters.

But the hardest part isn’t coming yet.



Isn’t that too obvious? I am looking for a prince charming in a shining armor, riding a white horse and speak ancient Elven language. His name might be Legolas. Or better, if he speak ancient Elven language with a British accent… and his name would be Sir Legolas of Mirkwood.

It took me years to think about what I would write there, but anyway… I forgot what I have wrote there. I might have left it blank >_<. But when I think about it again, what should I write there? What would I write in a form like that if I want to be very honest and blunt about my types? Hm… It would probably be like this:

I don’t care if you’re a girl or a boy. I don’t really care how old you’re as long as you’re a legal citizen, because I don’t want to get jailed because of dating an underage. I don’t care what ethnicity or race or nationality, but Elven is preferable.

If you don’t know Oasis and Blur, you might be too old or too young for me. If you know it already and you don’t like it, we would be having a lot of arguments about what good music is. If you’re a fan of Justin Bieber, you might want to know my ex, I can introduce you to her. But I like someone who can play musical instrument, because I can’t. If we’re not a match but you can play guitar, I would like to befriend with you so you can teach me how to play guitar.

If you choose the Fast and the Furious over LOTR, we’re not going to watch movie together. Especially if you think that Transformer is a better movie than Fracture. I am not a fan of Romantic Comedy though, but Love Actually and He’s Just Not That Into You are exceptions. I hate (500) Days of Summer, and people who said that there’s a similarity between me and Summer, so although you might think so just shut your mouth. I chose pop corn over nachos. And plain water over soda.

You don’t need to bring me to fancy restaurants, especially if you’re a chef. If you cook and then clean the dishes, that’s so much better. The best is, if you can also do laundry, house cleaning, fix the plumbing system, and drive. Oh.. no. Wait… The BEST is, if you can massage!

I don’t care how tall you’re, but just a warning, I LOVE high heels. If you’re not tall enough, I wish you’re confident enough. That’s fine. I don’t mind if you don’t do exercise that much. I don’t even care. Just be healthy, because it’s useless we’re doing this if you die soon. So, you don’t need to be all slim and slender, but check your cholesterol rate and your blood sugar -_-”. Oh, and have a HIV check too if you’re serious.

You don’t have to be fashionable. Please dress properly. I mean, it’s painful to my eyes to see your underwear everywhere when you bend down. Buy a real pants. Or a pair of cute underwear.

I am a liberal. And a democrat. I expected someone who won’t limit my liberty and democracy. I don’t want a preacher lecturing about how I should live my life. Seriously, you’d be friendzoned in a second. And I don’t need someone who corrected my every word, or reminded me about the meme i used in my daily conversation. Basically, I need someone who talk, but know when to shut.

Anyways, if you read this and you still interested, then you can send me message.



4 responses

  1. Byg … you inspire me to think about myself … and I keep changing, I guess. The hardest part for me is I don’t understand about myself most of the time … 😦 …


    • You’re not alone my dear… It’s always difficult to think about who you really are because you see… we are involved in a very complicated society which makes us employ a very complicated identity as well.
      I’ve been soul searching since years ago, but if someone ask me about myself, I would still find it hard to answer.

      I am glad I inspired you though… 🙂


      • Byg,this holiday makes me lost … I am living in a surreal dream, unable to wake up. I met people I know yet I don’t know them anymore… quite sad… 😦 …


      • what kind of surreal dream? I am so sorry that your holiday might not like what you expected. But I hope everything would be alright.

        Anyway, about the people… Hm…

        I took this from the script of “Curious Case of Benjamin Button” movie

        It’s a funny thing about coming
        home. Smells the same. Looks the
        same. Feels the same.
        You realize what’s changed, is