It’s Almost Over!


Just like what I did last year, I made a list of resolutions in the beginning of the year, and evaluate it in December. But seeing the 2011 RESOLUTION, I don’t think I am doing it right this year. Let’s see…


I started to exercise, and jog every morning only for the first two months of the year. Later, I started to wake up late, and it’s gonna be too hot to go out and run. However, my body clock is getting better and better here in the UK, and I can wake up earlier. But, still, I don’t exercise. I just start to manage my food intake, and with me learning to cook, it’s easier to get a better and healthy food.

It is too bad that I don’t have a weight scale so I can’t update you now about the shaping up resolution. I am pretty sure I am not getting fatter, but the point is I have to lose weight, isn’t it? So, I might go to Denise’s house because she has the weight scale 😀

Going to the UK also makes me concerns more about hygiene. Now that I bought everything myself, and shared a house with people who don’t care about hygiene makes me even more health conscious. LOL. Human brain works in a weird way. Especially now, when I am here, it looks like it is so important for me to be able to take shower twice a day. Seriously. In this cold weather?!


Oh don’t ask me this one. Finance sucks.

I know it’s a bit related to my coming here, but even I can’t finish the 30 day cashflow form from Ligwina Hananto. Not even the first month. Of course I tried again the next month… can’t finish a month >_< That’s horrible. I can’t save up the targetted amount of money as well. But anyways, I saved up little by little here 😀


Uhm… We’re far apart now. I am happy because of that, because apparently I am a better person when I am not around them. LOL. Not that I hate my parents or something, I just can’t stand being in the same room with them too long because they would start saying something that pissed me off. But yeah, I tried to answer my parents when they called or send me messages. Although, sometimes I found it a little bit burdening for me.

I didn’t call my grandmother as much as I wanted. LOL. Merely because of the distance and language limitation. However, I tried to be more active on the family’s blackberry group, so they know I am alive and live well. Not that active. I don’t want them to start questioning about my life, but yeah, I appreciate my family’s support in this life.


I think I am doing better in this section. As a matter of fact, I am doing really great with this blog. I am not only making this blog alive for another one year (an achievement) although the web hosting made scenes every once in a while. I also exceeded the initial posting target of 150. Up until now from the 1st of January 2011, I made 190+ entries (now you can applaud me for that). I am a proven determined blogger.

My other resolution to keep contact with my old friends also went quite well. I didn’t have to track them down one by one, but somehow I found them all. I went to two of my old friends wedding, and that was the best days on my life. I reached no less than 10 old friends for now and it was great. There were: Miiya, Momo, Two Clowns I Knew In Untar, Mr. Atheist, The Piano Man (Maybe I will tell you something about him), The Guitar Brother, The Hellboy, Win, AK, and Mr. Pervert. And, there are some other acquaintances I contacted again via my high school BlackBerry groups. I am doing very well in this. I just wonder where I can put Mr. X and Magneto among those names.

Few months ago a flew to the UK to start a new life a student. I went back to school, this time to acquire my Master Degree. That, was also one of my resolution (one of the hardest that I never thought would achieve) that I finished with distinction. And I am proud of it.

Those with quantities… I didn’t do it very well. I didn’t have time to watch movie, or read books. Unless reading textbooks counted. I hope I would do better next year for this section. Moreover, I start my Tribalwars over, so I didn’t manage 20 villages. I hope I would be able to get my first noble before Christmas Break though.


Anyways… That’s this year evaluation. I hope next year I am going to do better job 😀


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