2011 Achievements



In spite of some failed target, I am quite contented with what I’ve got in 2011. As a matter of fact, I have achieved some things that I never thought I would ever get. Today, I will list my conquest in 2011.

1. Cooking

I can’t believe I actually cook! I mean, all this time, the definition of cooking for me was putting everything together in a pot and boil it so when it’s done you wouldn’t have to eat a raw food. But over time, I became pickier and pickier, which consequently made me develop ‘creativity’ to make a better and tastier food for myself.

I still am not a chef. Even, probably, I am not yet a good cook, but I am a better cook than I was last year.

2. Shrinking

Hm… The title doesn’t sound quite right, but unfortunately I don’t have another idea. I wasn’t talking about shrinking my pants size, although if I did it would add up to my achievement list. What I was talking about here, is my decision to go to the shrink this year.

I always thought that I had this problem in me, but never knew what it was. Worse, I didn’t have this courage to go and see the shrink, until few months ago. It was a life changing experience… literally.

I might have not completely changed into a better person now, but I think knowing the problem and the alternative to solve it is one step closer into it.

3. New Friends

I never thought I would do this. My target was only to maintain a good relationship with my old friends, and keep them. I never knew that I can keep making friends from this blog. I even met some of them in real life already, and it was something special for me.

I never thought that I would make friends here, because my plan was to study and become a loner. No. I made some friends, and somehow I actually enjoyed it. Of course I have to learn more in girl-talks (considering most of my new friends now are girls) because I haven’t got the chance to develop this girl-chit-chat for years.

4. Big Decisions

Yes. Decision making is the hardest part for me, but this year I made some big decision of my life. Some changed me, some even changed my life forever. I am not yet sure if I have made the good decision. I could be wrong. I might say, “damn!” but I am pretty sure I won’t regret any of it.

I wouldn’t regret my decision to go far from home. I wouldn’t regret my decision to break up with si Onyed. I wouldn’t regret my decision to spend my food-budget on Noel Gallagher’s concert (I definitely am going to talk about it later). I would, of course, live with the consequences of these decisions, but… quoting The Cranberries, “Everybody else is doing it, so why can’t we?”

5. Finding

Myself. Not quite right, actually. I haven’t actually find myself, but at least, I have gone back to the right track. It’s not so easy to keep searching yourself while doing so many other things. No wonder people went to a hermitage to find themselves, because only in the peaceful mind you can do that.

Well, at least for now, I know what I want to do and what I don’t want. I have lists of things I want to achieve (and I will post that to), and of course priority list that I need to acquire in a short time.

I think there are some other things I have done this year and actually made me proud. But, I might not be able to list them all, so I only put my big five. What have you done this year that made you proud?



4 responses

  1. Wow.. I had no idea you’re seeing a shrink. In England, no less! (I dunno why that sounds more… sophisticated XD)

    You planned on being a loner? Face it; you’re not an antisocial, you’re miss popular… 😛


    • I’ve seen the shrink when I was in Indonesia. I can’t afford the shrink here, and moreover… I might not be able to understand a word they’d have said to me…

      Just because people know me more than they know you *haha* it doesn’t mean I am Miss Popular. I miss being popular though 😀 I had a plan, but somehow I attracted people to befriend with me… And nothing I can do about it… *shrug*