Limiting The Sky


Because of a reason I am not yet able to understand, the casual conversation with friends becomes deeper and deeper nowadays. I suppose it’s because of the wisdom that comes along with the age. In short, we’re getting old *start checking out the fine lines under my eyes*.

One of the best topic of the week (except for the topic of my essay) was about challenging yourself, and push yourself out of your comfort zone. Momo brought it up on her blog before, and we actually discussed about it. What a bunch of crazy nerds, don’t you have time to do something useful for the world peace for example? Or stop the global warming? Nope! We talk about this unimportant selfish thing… Maybe we have to start writing a self help book…

I feel something wrong today.

After weeks being busied with the essays, and the pressure of getting everything done on time, when it’s over I feel empty. Well, it’s not that emotional thing. Not the emptiness that some mellow guys sing on a sad love song about broken heart. It’s the emptiness that you feel when you have no goal in your life.

I’ve been there, but never realized how much it affected me.


When you’re having a goal, you focus your mind and your life to that goal, and do whatever you can to get there. It’s like you have something to go to. The process of getting there, no matter how painful and hard it was, is something that make us alive. Of course you will curse along the way, saying that it’s too hard, or thinking that it might not worth your time and efforts, but…

Okay… the victorious feeling when you achieve it…

Not that one.

The goal that you achieve shouldn’t be your final destination. If you believe that sky’s the limit, setting a final goal is like limiting the sky! It’s like saying that the moon is the farthest human can reach, while you can set another journey to Mars or even Jupiter.

It’s the feeling of “So what?” and “What now?” that makes me feel hollow. Not that I am asking for more essay, although I don’t mind to have one (What a cocky student!), but…

You know.

Or you don’t know.

Well, never mind then. It’s just an end-of-semester thought. I wish everybody a nice winter break, no matter where you are.




2 responses

  1. Hmm, it’s good that you set the sky as the limit. But when academic is over, what you can do is maybe to put in more efforts on things that you have neglected during your busy period. Then not only that you will achieve more, but you will be able to challenge yourself in other aspects and the emptiness will be filled with new goals and motivation 🙂


    • Of course I can start challenging myself at cooking as well… That’s one of my priority! I can try to find some job too, but I am worried it would break my concentration at my study.

      I don’t know. I might get you wrong, but I think keeping myself challenged means leaving things that for me too easy to achieved because it won’t make me try to do better.

      Someday I might stop. When it exhausts me. But now… i have to catch up with so many things, i won’t slow down LOL.