The Inactives


I think it’s been so long since the last time I post something about Tribal Wars. I am quite surprise that there are some people that came here because of the the TW post I made before, and more surprisingly they actually were trying to find out how to know whether a player is active or not.

Apparently, player’s activity might be a very crucial point in this game. If you’re not active for a few days it’s guaranteed that you would lose your village, a.k.a getting nobled. That’s why some really serious and strict tribe leaders kick their inactive members or just label them as “farm” so their tribe mates can just pick any resources from that particular member.

There are at least three ways that I know how to detect inactive players.

1. The easiest way to check whether your neighbor is active or not is by sending him a mail.

You see, when you send him a mail, you can check whether he open it or not. With an assumption, if he’s active and online, he’ll check his mail and even if he doesn’t reply you’d still be able to know whether he’s checking his village or not.

However, this is a little bit tricky because some more experienced player might detect your move and use this trick to get back to you.


I got this link from my TW Tutor in W17. I was a noob and I was told that this is one of the best tools you can use in getting your way in TW. First, you can use it to have a bigger map and you can calculate attack time using the map. Most of all, you can detect inactive villages around you using this map.

Yeah! It’s more effective. The downside is you have to keep checking because it’s not real time. It’s refreshed once in a while.

3. Be a tribe leader

There’s a privilege, of course, for being a leader on your tribe. You will be able to see whether your members are active or not. We called the inactive. The red dot.

Yellow dot is a warning. Red means you’re a farm or kicked.

If you’re never a tribe leader, you might never know this, but since I was… Well, I am not bragging myself. I need to learn more because I think there are lots of new features in this game now.


You can always detect inactive players from the pace of the progress. The too-slow progressed player usually not active enough, or just don’t know how to play this game. Either way, you can always kill this kind of player. Even if you’re focusing on troops the too-slow is too slow!

Well, if you’re a TW player, good luck. If you’re in w60, we might see each other there…


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