Dear Byq…


I was in the middle of having an email-chat with Denise when suddenly she said that I talk like a self-help columnist in a woman magazine. Oh dear… I was talking about making my own self help book before, wasn’t I? So, I just told her that perhaps I need to write in a column in a magazine for real then…

She said something about writing in a column is better than blogging but I wasn’t offended. Just assume that she didn’t know how the blogsphere could influence so many thing in this world (and how a blogger can be so popular…). Anyways…

Denise came out with the idea that people can write to me and asking me a problem solving for their life complication if I write on a magazine. Of course, I argued that I would still be able to have a “Dear Byq” section in this blog. Right?

I literally burst into laughter when I said that.


Well… I might sometimes came with a good idea, or brilliant idea… or sometimes super genius (yes I am a narcissist). But it doesn’t mean I know everything (a very modest narcissist). I might be able to answer a thing or two about life, especially if it’s related to my experiences. I might be able to answer a thing or two about communication problems (because it is what I am studying). I might be able to give a perspective about a relationship problem (not my expertise though). But still… it doesn’t mean I am a walking encyclopedia, or a shrink… (Hey! If you’re a in a really deep mental problem or depression, you might need a real shrink instead of reading this, you know?)

And most of the time, I could be in a really bad mood I become a real bitch to everyone. I can make a happy person sad, and a sad person depressed. I can even make a depressed person suicidal. But of course, I can make someone who need a punch in the face and a hardcore wake up call awake and realize the real life they’re facing here. Some people came back to me after I bitched them to thank me for opening their eyes. Some just go and never come back, I just hope they didn’t commit suicide.


As much as I want to be a busybody, I don’t want to make the impression that I am a problem solver. I am not perfect. Almost. But no, I am not…

I won’t start giving up my e-mail address though. If I want to make a Dear Byq real, I still have to think about it better 😀


Cheers ~


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