The First Snow


How do you celebrate your first snow?

Some would go outside. Some would take a picture of them. Some, like me, stay in the room, shivered, and sneezed non stop. That’s the flu.

It’s getting more and more freezing here. And it’s been few days snowing outside. Not a heavy snowfall, but still it was snowing. Even in one morning it left some traces on the street which I should admit… pretty.

But the problem I have is, the flu.

You don’t need to know me long enough to know how easy I fall sick. Even the only thing I asked AK to bring here when she’s coming next week is a pack of Tolak Angin. Yes… Tolak angin.

I don’t know how am I going to survive this winter.

Yes, I was exaggerating.

Okay… Now let me just start over with this entry, Okay?

The snow fell several times lately. It was beautiful but it’s so cold outside I couldn’t go and buy some food. Fortunately there are some times when the sun shining brightly and it wasn’t too cold so I can get out for a while.

The cold weather actually makes you want to eat more, that’s what Denise said. I just worried it’s going to make me fat. I’ve never been skinny myself, so it’s so easy for me to get fat in this winter time. I hope I can control myself and limiting snacks. Spending so much time in your room makes you want to snack more. Bad idea.

The problem is, after the essay, I still have Tribalwars to do. Which, quoting to one of a player I met there: “Chain you on your computer” and “eat you and your social life away”. How dangerous. No one actually said anything about making you a snack addict, because a game addict is bad enough (probably).

I tried to have a little bit of social life on the kitchen. Some of the girls have already left, giving me a little bit hope of a better life. Seriously, I am so happy that for the next three weeks, I can co-own the kitchen with Shan. Of course I can count Celia in as well, but she’s not cooking as much as we do!

What am I going to do this winter break? I am not sure…

Windy told me that the research proposal for the PhD scholarship should be submitted in the end of January. And she just told me last week! I might want to spend the winter break writing a proposal… And it might be the right time to contact Ike, and ask how the hell am I going to write a PhD research proposal… Ike if you read this… please… say something >_<

Oh… I think the snow is falling again…


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