The Christmas Eve: Opening Party


So it’s decided that today, Denise and I would hold a party for everyone here. Not the thing that I li actually, the crowds. But Denise looked so excited about this party so, why not?

Among many who are invited, I doubt half of them actually celebrating Christmas. Probably only two or three of them actually care about what Christmas is, and the rest… probably cares more about the food or the drink, or just the party so they don’t feel so alone here. Doesn’t matter anyway.

Last night, Denise told me that Amy was around, and would be able to come to the party. Amy is the Chinese girl (who’s surprisingly more western that some of us), that helped me the first day I arrived here. She’s the one who gave me my first mobile phone number and well… actually one of the best people in this university. She invited us to her flat, which made us in awe because it was so much better than ours.

Me, and Yumi-San (the Japanese Girl who lived in the same building), looked at it with total jealousy. Our room was only half her bedroom.

But Amy just pour us more and more drink, which eventually makes us happier and happier and talked more and more. And somehow in the conversation we talked about religion (Oh gosh).

This is what I don’t like about talking about religion with people who don’t really understand. It’s not that I understand all of the stuff, but at least when I said something I had a ground theory that support my opinion. At least that’s how the scientific method works in any discussion. But, talking with girls, sometimes made me in awe because they don’t care about those kind of things…

Most of girls remind me of my Mom. They can follow something blindly, or half blindly, without knowing what’s behind it. They don’t care about how it works, and how it started, and who do what and when and why… Simply put, they don’t believe in history. And yeah, just like my Mom, most of the girls I know are bad at History and Geography.

I don’t think History and Geography might be the most important thing in life, but it is definitely not something that you can just neglect after school. I mean, I’ve been reading history and geography since I was in the elementary school, so I don’t understand what’s going on in those girls head… But Amy was different.

When the discussion led to religion stuff… We started to compare the American and the British attitude towards religion. Off course we know (not exactly how), that it has something to do with why some of the British people went to the land of America for the first time. When I said that to Denise and Yumi-San, Amy just shout:


Amy and I had a little chat about that, and suddenly Denise asked us: “How do you guys know about that kind of stuff?”

I was a bit tempted to reply with: “How do you not know about this kind of stuff?”, but Amy said t was the readings we had when we were at school.

Fortunately the conversation moved into other things. Like, Amy doesn’t believe in God (It makes me wonder if “doesn’t believe in God” and “believes in no God” is the same thing?). That Yumi-San wanted to go to Cambridge. That Denise thought the cute saxophone street musician in Cambridge is not cute, against the normal believe that he’s totally a hottie.. And so on.

What about today?

The party would be started in 3 hours. It means I have to get ready. I’ll keep it updated…




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