And Then There Was The Party…


I would be lying if I said that the party was epic, and the biggest party at this year. Seriously. Although it can be said that it might be the biggest house party I’ve ever attended in the UK, but still I know that it is far from festive. However, this party was definitely memorable.

It was only people who we know. And who knows us. People who, actually connected by destiny. It sounds stupid but let me explained to you how we know each other.

I met Amy at the first day, and Denise at the second day. I introduced her to each other later, and apparently, Amy used to live at Denise ex-flat. Sheila is my flatmate, and Rosie is Denise flatmate, and apparently they are studying the same course with Yumi-San (who lives in the same building as I do)! Windy is my classmate, and she’s a friend of Denise’s Thai flatmate. There’s a connection between all of us.


A little bit creepy indeed.

And yeah, the party went so smooth. For them. Because for me it was a bit torturing, my stomach was acting up all day, so I felt really sick and wanted to throw up almost all the time. Not food poisoning definitely because all of us ate the same thing. I would say it’s the bloody PMS stroke again.

The food was crazy! I mean, I can’t imagine those girls could actually ate that much and still able to take down all the desserts. Like… seriously girl, what kind of stomach you guys have?!

The conversation was crazy as well, we laughed and Denise decided that we came from different generation. Those from the gen X and those from gen Y. I don’t see the differences, because for me, I can still relate to both of them. It’s them who can’t relate to me, and how I write everything here. LOL. Seriously, they might not know that I write everything (or almost) here in my blog. Even if they know that I have a blog, they might not get interested in it.

Anyway, we laughed a lot! In the middle of the evening, some of the girls go home earlier. Probably because they’re so tired, and they might want to connect to their family back home. I don’t really see Christmas as a big thing, so I didn’t do that. Later at night we moved to Amy’s house… because it’s warmer there.

It was another craziness.. Denise and I did a overnight makeover to Amy and it made Amy looks so much different. I think we have to do it more often to many people. And get some money out of it.

Of course, like usual, I got in a hot discussion and a debate with Denise. Now the funny part is, because Denise and I argued a lot, we’re actually okay with it. We don’t actually take everything personally, but Amy is not like us, in the sense of perceiving arguments. She sensed the tension in the arguments, in the middle of the debate she always tried to mitigate, and moderate the discussion. It’s so funny when she tried to find softer words to make us feel better, and it suddenly made me burst out laugh.

“Denise? Do you realize what she was trying to do? It’s just a really good example of how the collectivists dealing with arguments in group…”

Anyways… It’s the boxing day. I should have gone to London, but I don’t feel very well. My stomach was still acting up until past midnight, so I don’t want to push it. After all, there were no bus to take me to the city bus station anyway… and I still have to wander off in London by myself. I still have lots of thing to do later at 4th of January…


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